October 30, 2020

The Fan Support For Manchester United

Manchester United is having an excellent season so far and are one of the favourites to win the Premier League title. The current champions are also the only team to have won the Champions League and reached the semi-finals in both of its last two major tournaments. The Blues are very experienced and even though they only have two years in the top flight, it appears that they will stay for some time to come.

Man United is known for its great support and this is still true despite the problems at Old Trafford. For fans the club holds a lot of sentimental value and their emotions really are there on a regular basis.

Having said this, it has to be said that when United is playing any other teams they always have the crowd behind them. That is true even if they are playing Arsenal away at Old Trafford in a match that was going to be abandoned because of bad weather.

When the match was abandoned a lot of fans travelled on to the derby day and they still had many supporters singing and chanting “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. It was not only the fans singing it, but also the players had a go at it as well. Wayne Rooney actually made a gesture to the crowd and gave them a sign to signify they were part of the squad.

There is nothing different in the United support, apart from the atmosphere and the lack of the successful spells in the past. The fans have stayed loyal and they are in fact on the whole extremely respectful. They do not sing songs or show any signs of getting drunk and loud, but the emotions can change.

The most important reason why the supporters are so passionate about their team is because of the players. Robin van Persie has been a huge hit for Manchester United and so is the likes of Shinji Kagawa and Nani.

The atmosphere is very similar to United because there are numerous supporters singing all the time. It has to be said that the support is also very good for other teams in the league and is in fact not as bad as the Blues have been making out.

When United is playing at home the atmosphere is always very tight and there is a fantastic atmosphere, especially at derby day. This is where the city of Manchester really comes alive, especially at half time or the end of the game.

Many fans start singing before the half time break and at half time they will again be chanting and waving flags. As well as the music is loud, but in no way are they rude.

As, well as the music many people have their own chants. It is usually sung during the first half, as soon as they get into the half the Manchester United supporters are quieter and singing.

There are more Liverpool fans at Manchester City derby day than United supporters there. However, the spirit and atmosphere are as strong as for any other fixture.

Derby day has often seen the high level of violence and fans have many stories to tell. The fact is that they are a very proud bunch of supporters and their loyalty is as strong as ever.

source: Flygoal